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Achieve Excellence in EV Production with Superior Wire Termination

High Voltage Wire Termination for EV Manufacturing
in Clinton Township, MI

Trust Diamond Die for the best high-voltage wire termination, suitable for heavy-duty applications in EV manufacturing. Our dies are robust and reliable and result in optimal electric conductivity. Furthermore, we offer terminations in the 50mm2, 70mm2, 90mm2 and 120mm2 wire sizes, catering to your EV manufacturing needs.

Partnering with Diamond Die guarantees a smooth manufacturing process. Our heavy-duty dies ensure less time wasted on rework, less wire waste, and ultimately lower costs.

50mm2, 70mm2, 90mm2 and 120mm2 Wires

We understand the immense intricacies of electric vehicle manufacturing, including needing the perfect fit for various wire sizes. Our extensive range covers 50mm2, 70mm2, 90mm2 and 120mm2 wire terminations, allowing us to cater to a wide spectrum of your EV industry requirements. Your wire termination needs are covered from fine signal level to large high voltage applications.

Conductor Crimping

Conductor crimping is essential in delivering uninterrupted electrical flow within your electric vehicle’s intricate systems. Our team of experts is well-equipped with the technical know-how to perform precision-based conductor crimping. This results in reduced electrical resistance, seamless transmission of power, and an overall enhancement in your electric vehicle’s performance and reliability.

Shielding/Braiding Crimping

Superior shielding or braiding crimps safeguard electric vehicles against electromagnetic interference. Our team employs cutting-edge methods, providing unbeatable protection for your vehicle’s sensitive electrical systems. By preventing disruptions from external interferences, we help ensure the longevity and dependability of your electric vehicle, instilling driver confidence and ultimate satisfaction.

Revolutionize Your EV Manufacturing with Elite Wire Termination

Electric Vehicle Manufacturing with Our High Voltage Wire Termination

A key highlight of our wire termination offerings includes conductor crimping. Our team of experts employs a precision-driven approach to ensure excellent conductor crimps that maximize electrical flow and minimize resistance, contributing to your EV’s superior performance.

Shielding/braiding crimping is another of our specialty services. Implementing sophisticated techniques, we deliver the utmost protection against external electromagnetic interference. Your EVs gain longevity and reliability—key attributes every driver appreciates.

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Precision Wire Termination for High-Voltage EV Applications

Don’t settle for subpar wire terminations that compromise your electric vehicles’ performance. Make the smart choice and partner with us for state-of-the-art high-voltage wire termination services. Get in touch with us now and streamline your electric vehicle production today!

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