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Explore Our Range of Hand-Crimping Tools

Speed Crimp Pliers and Hand Crimpers in
Clinton Township, MI

Diamond Die’s hand-crimping tools are the epitome of perfection, embodying impeccable craftsmanship and design. They are tailored to meet your needs, providing full control and exceptional precision at your fingertips.

Experience how we revolutionize productivity with our ergonomic and intuitive design, reducing hand fatigue and boosting efficiency. These hand-crimping tools take you on a journey to crimp perfection with easy handling, sustained durability, and performance that won’t disappoint.

088B Crimping Tool

The 088B Crimping Tool exemplifies adaptability. It’s engineered with interchangeable tooling, which fits conveniently in one crimp station. This significant feature allows for versatility and precision, making the 088B tool a quick favorite for professionals who require varying crimping needs.

088R Crimping Tool

The 088R Crimping Tool is a testament to high productivity with its impressive five crimp stations. This multi-functional tool boosts the efficiency of any crimping task, allowing users to manage multiple wire sizes or crimp styles concurrently. It’s an ideal choice for large-scale projects, emphasizing speed without compromising on precision.

088 Crimping Tool

The 088 Crimping Tool offers the perfect blend of simplicity and effectiveness. Having two crimp stations, this tool deftly handles dual tasks, providing optimal control and precision in all operations. It covers a wide range of wire crimping needs while ensuring high levels of reliability and durability.

Revolutionize Your Craft with Our State-of-the-Art Crimping Tools

Experience the Dynamic Benefits of Our Wire Crimpers

Experience superior craftsmanship with DDM’s top-of-the-line hand-crimping tools, designed from 10 AWG to 28 AWG. Each of our crimpers has been constructed with an innovative ratcheting feature, ensuring the operator effortlessly attains the full crimp force each time. We prioritize your needs, and our crimpers can be tailored to fulfill OEM crimp specifications. Abide in the assurance that our tools will cater to every demand with utmost precision and efficiency.

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Transform Your Work with Our Expert Hand-Crimping Tools

  • Custom crimping tools that utilize interchangeable tooling in one crimp station. Diamond Hand-Crimp Tool simultaneously crimps conductor and insulation grips.
  • Will handle wire gauge from 30 to 10 gauge.
  • Multi Hand-Crimping Tool – Five Crimp Stations
  • #1 = CW-.125 [3.175] & CH – .094 [2.388]
  • #2 = CW-.096 [2.438] & CH – .072 [1.828]
  • #3 = CW-.096 [2.438] & CH – .044 [1.118]
  • #4 = CW-.155 [3.937] & CH – .125 [3.175]
  • #5 = CW-.150 [3.810] & CH – .120 [3.048]
  • Hand-Crimper – Two Station Crimp Tool
  • #1 = CW-.116 [2.950] & CH – .059 [1.500]
  • #2 = CW-.160 [4.060] & CH – .118 [3.000]

Unleash the Power of Precision Hand Tools!

The time has come to power up your toolkit. Transcend everyday wire work with Diamond Die’s hand-crimping tools. As your partner in precision, we guarantee refined tooling quality and performance that elevates your craft to new heights.

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