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Expert Tool and Die Makers for 65+ Years
Full-Service Machine Shop Crafting Tooling and Die Sets
Take Your Production to the Next Level

Explore how our unparalleled die design and manufacturing services can support your business’s growth and success. Contact our expert machinists today!

Experienced Tool and Die Maker in Clinton Township, MI

Diamond Die and Mold (DDM) is a full-service machine shop that manufactures various products to meet our customers’ specialized needs. Since 1956, we have been manufacturing precision tooling and machining a wide range of parts that vary in size and quantity. We provide solutions to our customers’ individual requirements, offering CAD/CAM design and reverse engineering services DDM is a woman-owned small business that is ISO 9001:2015 certified, which assures the highest quality products and experience for our customers.

We have a 100% inspection policy and superior on-time delivery, which means you can depend on receiving a high-quality product precisely when you need it. Our knowledgeable employees are trained and cross-trained, which provides us with a skilled, efficient, and friendly workforce that will collaborate with each customer to tailor our services to their needs.

Modern Machine Shop Solutions

Embrace the future of manufacturing with our reliable machine shop services. Here, we blend our expertise and diverse equipment with the latest production techniques to deliver efficient, high-quality components and tools. Enable your manufacturing operations to reach new heights while reducing lead times.

Our Services

High-Precision Tolerances for Superior Accuracy

Achieve remarkable precision with our tools and services that are designed to meet the most exacting tolerances. We understand that even the smallest deviation can impact your final product significantly, which is why we focus on delivering unparalleled accuracy throughout the production process. With Diamond Die’s precision tolerances, you can confidently turn your vision into a reality.

Machining Services

Commitment to Extraordinary Quality Standards

Experience unsurpassed excellence with our unwavering commitment to extraordinary quality. Utilizing the finest materials, advanced technologies, and skillful craftsmanship, our products deliver consistently outstanding performance that stands the test of time. Trust in Diamond Die’s dedication to quality and elevate your production standards to new horizons.

Our Products

Innovative and Dynamic Engineering Services

Fuel your manufacturing success with our dynamic engineering solutions. Our forward-thinking approach includes constantly pushing the boundaries regarding design, production methods, and innovative applications. Partner with Diamond Die to stay ahead of the curve and tap into a world of unrivaled engineering capabilities.

Prototypes & Prototyping
Leveraging 65+ Years of Experience

Masterful Die and Tool Production for Optimal Results

At Diamond Die and Mold, we deliver parts and most applicators within a standard lead time of 3 weeks, but rest assured, if you need it sooner, our expediting service is always available from 1 day to 1 week.

Our team isn’t just a group of employees; it’s a knowledge powerhouse, extensively trained and cross-trained. Their versatility and amiable approach ensure a smooth, collaborative engagement with every customer. We take pride in adapting to meet every requirement, even to the extent of adapting our Diamond Hi-Speed applicator to fit into most presses, such as AMP, MOLEX, KOMAX, SCHÄFER, TE, and more.

Driving Growth with Superior Tool and Die Services

Founded in the heart of Michigan, Diamond Die is a premier manufacturer dedicated to building quality and precision into every die we create. Guided by the principles of dedication, accuracy, and resilience, we’ve established ourselves as a leading industry partner for businesses in a variety of sectors across Clinton Township and beyond.

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