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Outclass Your Competition with Unmatched Tool & Die Sets

Top-notch Tool & Die Maker in Clinton Township, MI

Our comprehensive range of products, including applicators, hand tools, presses, and perishable tooling, ensures we have the tools you need to do the job. By choosing Diamond Die, you invest in equipment that delivers consistent performance, reduces waste, and increases productivity.

Not only do our products offer precision and durability, but they also provide user-friendly designs that enable easier operation. Whether you need heavy-duty presses or intricate hand tools, our products are designed to meet the unique demands of your manufacturing environment.


Capture the pinnacle of efficiency and precision with our high-grade dies and applicators. These tools, designed for ultimate durability and consistency, will significantly streamline your manufacturing protocols, reducing downtime and boosting productivity.

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EV High Voltage Wire Termination

Embrace the future of electric vehicle technology with our reliable high-voltage wire termination solutions. Keep your operations on the cutting edge with our advanced tools and unmatched expertise.

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Hand Tools

Upgrade your production capabilities with our durable, user-friendly hand tools. Each tool is expertly crafted for optimal performance and designed to stand the test of time.

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Maximize your output with our robust presses to meet the most demanding production requirements. Built for reliability and efficiency, our presses are the backbone of successful manufacturing operations.

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Perishable Crimp Tooling & Precision Parts

Elevate your manufacturing standards with our perishable crimp tooling and precision parts. Our commitment to quality ensures consistent results through meticulous design and stringent quality control.

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Take Your Manufacturing to the Next Level with Diamond Die

Partner with Diamond Die today and experience the benefits of using our superior tools, dies, and services for your precision manufacturing needs. Don’t let outdated or subpar equipment hold you back—upgrade to Diamond Die and experience a difference that you can measure in quality, efficiency, and overall performance. Contact our team now to discuss how we can improve your manufacturing processes and help you stay ahead of the competition.

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