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Precision Crimp Inspections Made Simple and Accurate

Revolutionize Your Terminal Crimping Process with Diamond Die's Cross Section Analysis

With Diamond Die’s terminal crimp cross section analysis system, you receive thorough analysis and significant benefits that transform your operations and yield superior results. Our system is specifically designed to deliver detailed, precise measurements that drive greater quality control and reduce the risk of defects.

By using our equipment to analyze the cross section of your terminal crimps, you facilitate the production of components that adhere to industry benchmarks, significantly increasing your product’s reliability and performance. With Diamond Die, rest assured that your crimps will meet the increasing demands for precision, reliability, and safety in today’s global market.

Driving Innovation in Automotive Manufacturing

The crimp cross section analysis allows manufacturers to optimize and streamline the creation process, eliminating the likelihood of mismatches, loose terminations, or fatigued wires. By introducing this innovative method, automotive manufacturers not only ensure the quality and safety of their products but also significantly cut costs associated with rework, waste, and recalls.

Boosting Precision in Aerospace Engineering

Terminal crimp cross section analysis helps ensure wire harnesses meet strict quality and safety requirements. Cross section analysis confirms that crimping processes show uniform compression and perfect conductor brush configuration, all while limiting detrimental factors like over-crimping. This enhanced inspection tool results in a more precise and consistent connection, strengthening the safety and reliability of aerospace systems.

Enhancing Performance in Consumer Electronics Production

With the ability to scrutinize the quality of crimp connections on a micro-scale, manufacturers can significantly enhance the longevity and performance of their products. Our system helps mitigate common problems such as wire pullout, contact resistance, and wire strand breakage. This fine-tuning process adds a level of precision and reliability to the devices we use daily, thereby improving the performance of consumer electronics and customer satisfaction.

Meet Industry Standards with Precise Crimp Analysis

Unrivaled Benefits of Our Cross Section Analysis System

At Diamond Die, we understand that needs vary across different industries. That’s why we’ve designed our terminal crimp cross section analysis system to cater to various industries. Regardless of the size or complexity of your operation, our analysis service stands ready to deliver results that meet your specific requirements.

Our system assures you of exceeding industry standards across multiple sectors, from automotive and consumer electronics to aerospace and medical devices. With our insights, you can confidently deliver products that stand out in your marketplace, positioning your brand as a leader in quality and reliability.

The Terminal Crimp Cross Section Analysis Process

Our capable system handles conductor crimp widths from 0.020″ (0.5mm) up to a larger 0.394″ (10.0mm) in diameter. Choose your sample, and let the system do the meticulous preparation.
Once the sample is prepared, our software takes over. It automatically traces and accurately measures the cross section of the terminal and wire. This level of automation streamlines the process and ensures consistent, reliable results.
Upon completing the analysis, our system generates an individual report for each sample analyzed. These comprehensive reports provide detailed metrics such as crimp height, crimp width, outside and inside tracing area measurements, burr width, conductor compaction, and strand count.

Time to Optimize Your Terminal Crimping Process

Embark on a journey towards manufacturing excellence with Diamond Die’s terminal crimp cross section analysis. We guarantee quality, precision, and a personalized experience. Let’s reinvent your terminal crimping process together.

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