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  • Die Crimping Presses in MI - Diamond Die & Mold - dd_pic_diesDiamond Hi-Speed crimping applicator can be adapted to fit virtually any type of press, such as AMP crimping presses, Benchmaster, Mecal, Kenco, Perkins, Artos, etc.
  • The Diamond terminating applicator is built to handle the demands of an automatic cut, strip, and terminating machines such as Komax, Artos, Toyojamco, AMP crimper, Tyco crimp
    machine etc.
  • Applicator designed for either Left-to-Right, Right-to-Left, or End-to-End Feed terminals (Feeds on Upstroke or Downstroke)
  • Click Micrometer for independent conductor adjustment in increments of .001" and insulation adjustment in increments of .002
  • Tooling lock nut allows quick change of crimp tools without disturbing other tooling
  • Fully adjustable bronze gibs with adjustable centerline location and wear compensation
  • Conversion kits available to accommodate similar terminals
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  • Die Crimping Presses in MI - Diamond Die & Mold - dd_pic_dies2Feed is fully adjustable from 0 to
    2.00" with interchangeable
    latches for 0 to 1.00" or 0 to 2.00"
  • Self-containing hydraulic feeder
    permit use of short press strokes
    to feed terminals in progressions
    of .050" to 2.00"
  • Check valve regulates reel speed, which eliminates jam-ups and damage
  • Feed can be delayed until tooling has cleared terminal strip
  • Can be designed for either Right-to-Left, Left-to-Right, or End-to-End terminals with replaceable crimping dies
  • Does not rely on press stroke, so it can be used on any press without readjustment
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